Strange Cargo

Strange Cargo is, according to Dr Stephen Deuchar, Director of The Art Fund, “a highly creative, deeply serious collective that is fundamentally committed to the parallel goals of making great works of art and also putting them truly at the service of their local community. It’s so rare to find such a profound focus on audiences running alongside a really adventurous and meaningful art agenda.”

We’ve been huge fans of Strange Cargo’s work for many years and we were delighted to be commissioned with funding from Arts Council England to work with the Artistic Director, Brigitte Orasinski, and the Board of Trustees to explore options to move the company onto a more sustainable financial footing. We collaborated with Gordon Abbott of Neat Studio to devise an ambitious yet realistic capital project to reconfigure the company’s East Kent base – The Factory – as a creative making space and a base for artist residencies.  The capital project has now moved into the development phase.

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