Everyday Creativity: Discovery Process

NEA has been jointly commissioned by two university research centres – the Centre for Arts and Wellbeing at the University of Brighton and the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health at Canterbury Christ Church University – to support a Discovery Process into the underpinnings of the relationship between everyday creativity and health.

The project sets out to advance understanding of the concept and practice of everyday creativity and its connections to health.  Positioning the arts as a subcategory of everyday creativity, it advances the proposition that everyday creativity is an essential component of human experience, rooted in self-reflection and emotional connection to others. The project investigates the links between everyday creativity and the development of consciousness, mentalization and self-organisation, and explores how everyday creativity can contribute to good mental health and empathetic relationships. It is premised on the view that new dialogue between the humanities and emerging scientific disciplines can support the growth of shared understandings of the central importance of everyday creativity to health, helping to elide the boundaries between the medical, social and cultural spheres.

Nick Ewbank has written an article setting out the background to the project and the approach being taken as the Discovery Process moves forward – it was published in May 2020 by Arts Professional magazine.

Click on this link to access the article, which is titled Paradigm Shift: why the arts need to rethink what matters.


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